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Saving Planet Earth

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1.  Our World Today and consumable commodities.  

2.  The Energy Revolution and a history of climate change.  

3.  Green House Effect and global warming 

4.  Nuclear Energy 

5.  Alberta Tar Sands and Crimes against Humanity

     Greedy, Lying Bastards 

6.  Our Waters 

7.  Building Sustainable Communities

     Community Reforestation

     The problems with trying to create sustainable communities. 

8.  Park Land Acquisition

     Non-Reversal Clauses for Park lands and Preserved Areas

     Preservation of School Board Properties


9.  Carbon Credit Philosophy 

10. Carbon Credit Program

      Community Carbon Credit Program

11.  Government Negligence  

12.  Ontario's Drive Clean Program

13.  Progress, Success Stories and Exciting things  

14.  Climate change in Canada

15.   Steps to Program Planning

16.   Blunders  

17.  Wind Energy

18.   Storage of  Green Energies

19.  World Population

20.  The Future Role of the Municipal Planner in the Creation of Sustainable Communities

21.  Global Sustainability.  Documentary called 'HOME'

        Increasing Global Agriculture

22.  Water for Fuel, the BIOS water car project

23.  Toxic Garbage Island and Plastics in our Oceans  (Documentary)

24.  Forestry in the new millennium

25.  Ground Water and Drinking Water Source Protection

26.  Time to make ecocide a global crime.

       Time to make living in a safe environment a constitutional right.

27.  Success Stories

       Zero Energy Homes

       Link for home green energy project.

28.  Bay of Quinte watershed, the Great Lakes Clean up, and grass roots initiatives.

       Deloro Mine and Arsenic is the Moria River/Lake/Bay of Quinte watershed

29.  Quinte Waste Solutions, (one of the most comprehensive community recycling programs in the world)

30.  Examples of Ontario municipalities moving backwards when it comes to protecting the environment.

31.  Prince Edward and Hasting's Counties vision
       Hasting's Stewardship Council

32.  Follow Sue's environmental face book page.

33.  Solar Energy

34.  Letter to the Editor:  Re: Green Energy in Ontario

35.  Stephen Harper's enviro-terrorists.

36.  Transportation

37.  Today's bricks are crap.

38.  Community Use of Schools and green spaces  see

39.  Municipality of Marmora and Lake is really ignorant

40.  Water Energy Generation

41.  Zero Energy Homes

42.  Hydroelectric water power.

43.  Green Houses

44.   Wet land Protection

45.   Fossil Fuel Industry

46.   Electronics Recycling

47.   School Board closures.

48.   Carbon capture

49.   Tree relocation machine

50,  Rubber coating of pipes.

51,  Sale of Park lands in Southern Ontario

52.  Saving Wild Horses

53.  Zebra Muscles and Botulism

54.  Geo thermal bad idea

55.  Ontario's Environment Bill of Right


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Why did we create the most toxic world possible for us all to live in?

Because we live in a consumer commodities market.  We need things that are consumable commodities so that we can use the reveune from those commodities to feed our commerce.

We created a commerce society (and it dates back to the Roman Empire and maybe before). 

 That commerce is often motivated by greed and not common sense.  If it was motivated by common sense then we would have switched from fossil fuels to solar, wind, water, and thermal energies a long time ago.

  The emmissions from car exhausts and furnaces are so toxic that people die from carbon monoxide poisioning.  People kill themselves with it in their cars and every year, hundreds of people accidently die from it when it gets into homes from faulty furnaces, gas water heaters and plugged chimneys.   

 The fossil fuel and nuclear lobbyists are very powerful.  Their power has created a toXic world for us all. 

  The time has come for change.   'Green Film Fest'  free online documentaries.  


  2.  Join voices in the COALITION FOR CLEAN AIR and


   History of Climate Change:

    1970's   -  Articles on climate change and the green house affect began appearing in scientific journals.


   1980's    -   Increased awareness that our planet is in trouble so Governments begin to study the problems.  Issues were divided in land, air, sea, and climate change.

   1990's   -   Governments started figuring out ways to deal with the problems and the creation of green technologies.

   2000's   -   Government's around the globe cough up billions and Green technologies are created.

   2010's    -   Implementation of green technologies.


     Past revolutions:




   Current Revolution:   Energy.    Climb aboard.



Back in the 1970's , scientific research began showing up in scientific journals regarding the 'green house effect.'   

It basically stated that if we continue to burn fossil fuels, that they will get trapped in our atmosphere, cause the earth to heat up, the polar ice will melt, that will cause sea levels to rise. 

 The model for global warming also claimed that earth's temperatures with in the green house effect would go from extreeme cold to extreeme heat and that hurricanes would increase. 

  This is now 2011, all the signs are telling us that the scientists were correct with their predictions and that we are now in what they call the 'accelerated stages' of global warming.

   The scenario is basically this....if we don't quit burning fossil fuels, and soon, that earth is on a suicide mission.  

   Why should the poor nonindustrial countries suffer because of our selfish desire to make a profit?
    In 1995, 31C was considered a hot day in  SE Ontario.  Now 43C is considered hot.  That's a big increase in a few years.   

   Back in the 70's we did not get the prolonged extreme humidity that we now experience, there is definitely something going on.  

   In the 1970's and prior to that, a person in south-eastern Ontario could put in an ice skating rink and be
able to use it until March.  Those days are over with constant freezing and melting periods.  

   This past summer (2011) so far we have seen humidity levels across Canada in the low fifties.  Normal body temperature is 37.5 so 50 degrees really is the danger zone where heat stroke can happen in a matter of minutes.  

   Even though earth's average mean temperature APPEARS to be stable, the historical data charts do not contain humidex readings which seem to be rising, at least in Southern Ontario anyway.  

Southerly flow for us usually means smog.

Every single day, millions and millions more tons of CO2 is being trapped in our atmosphere. EVERY SINGLE DAY. We can not longer ignore this.   We're quickly reaching the limit of how much CO2 the atmosphere can hold before we all choke to death. Time is running out.


    The reason why global warming is such an urgent issue is because of the following: 

    Two ice cubes of the exact weight were placed in identical bowls at the same time.  

    One ice cube was covered with water and represents an ice burg that has broken off the polar ice.  

    The other cube had no water in the bowl. 

    After 18 minutes, the cube with no water was only half melted.   The cube with water was totally melted.  

    This did not account for the temperature of the tap water.   I probably should have used ice water.  

BUT it is alarming at how fast ice will melt once submerged in water.   

     And this is why earth is now in a critical climatic state.    

Because we sat around for thirty years while the scientists warned us.   

Now, thanks to a lack of political will, the planet is facing global disaster.   

Cube with no water, only 1/2 melted after 18 min. 

Cube submerged in water, totally melted after 18 min.  

Air temperature at time of experiment.  

Ode to Politicians who sit in air conditioned offices and make important decisions that affect global climate change. 

Decisions like expanding tar sands and issuing permits for off shore oil rigs. 

Meanwhile out there in the world people are suffering and dying because of their selfish need to make a profit.   It's a messed up world.  

CO2 is also acifiying our waters and killing off our marine life food chain.  We REALLY have to quit burning fossil fuels if we want earth to survive. 

Also, I firmly believe that trees have a 'carbon satiation' point and that once that point is reached, not only will our seas be so acified that the trees will be carbon satiated and start to die off.  



We no longer need nuclear energy to supply our electricity.  The nuclear lobbyists spend billions convincing everyone that we do.  That has derailed the development of alternative sources.

If China can do it....then so can we!

The residue from the Hiroshima bombs is buried in Hastings County Ontario Canada.  Another pile of it is buried in BC. 

The people in the Moira River, Lake and Bay of Quinte watershed have paid for this with their health from the carcogenics in their water.

Nuclear energy is a freaking nightmare and any government who continues to build new nuke plants in this decade of green awakening is a mental case.

I can't think of a better reason to quit building f.'n.. nuke plants than this:

One more good reason to go solar.

Canada is NOT immune to earth quakes.  This could happen here.  Let's not jepordize the Great Lakes Water Basin which is the largest fresh water inland basin in the world.  We have a responsibility to protect it.

Nuclear energy is the most expensive source of energy and the lobbyists don't take into account the cost for storage or recycling and transportation of the spent rods.

Ontario plans to spend min. $50 billion on a new nuke plant and have green energies as 2 % of the mix.  Like come on, we can do better than that!  Solar will be 1.5% of the total mix.  Sheesh.


The 'brown energy lobbyists' have literally spent billions on propaganda rhetoric to convince people that 'solar energy' does not work when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

There are tons of testimonies coming out of Europe of people who have had solar on their homes for over fifteen years and have had surplus electricity to consistently sell to the grid.  

Can Desert Solar Power Plants Fuel the Future?
Source: Reuters
Posted: 05/25/09 9:49AM
Filed Under: Environment

This photo from Solar Systems shows a solar power plant in the Mojave Desert with panels reflecting light up to a central tower. (AP)

Solar power plants in deserts using mirrors to concentrate the sun's rays have the potential to generate up to a quarter of the world's electricity by 2050, says a report by pro-solar groups released on May 25.
The study, by environmental group Greenpeace, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA) and the International Energy Agency's (IEA) SolarPACES group, said huge investments would also create jobs and fight climate change.
"Solar power plants are the next big thing in renewable energy," said Sven Teske of Greenpeace International and co-author of the report. The technology is suited to hot, cloudless regions such as the Sahara or Middle East.

In the event of a natural disaster, nuclear is NOT the safest choice, in fact it's the MOST DANGEROUS choice for power generation.




Canada's tar crap land.  Proud and Free.  The Alberta tar sands is one of the biggest man made natural disasters next to when saddam set all them oil wells on fire.

Why do all the fish in the Athabasca River, down stream from the Alberta Tar sands, all suddenly have cancer?   The Story behind the Alberta Tar Sands.    Exert from this video:   Just say No to the expansion of the tar sands and any stupid idea to run the most toxic crude on earth through protected rain forests, protected inland coasts, and the bloodline of the bread basket of the US farmland. 

Just say no to a gas vehicle, buy an electric car and a solar cell.  



Documentary: Greedy, Lying Bastards



   So much of what we eat comes from the sea.  If we pollute our seas with toxins then we will have toxic or dead sea food or no food at all.  It's that simple.


Many North American communities are creating creative Sustainable Community Plans to take them into the future in a sustainable manner.   Here are some examples of what are included in these plans: 

1.  Thou shalt not fill in any swamp/wet lands.  They are the kidneys of the earth and the more natural your shore line, the healthier your water.  

   Wet lands assist in flood control.  The water HAS to go some where.  If you fill in the wetland it will find some place else to go.   They also assist in times of drought.  

2.  Thou shalt leave green buffer zones between all developments including residential, transportation, commercial and industrial.

    Cul du sacs will be used for all new residential subdivisions and green buffers placed between the subdivision and the main road. 


Good examples of subdivisions with green belt surrounding them. 

3.  Electric vehicles only will be driven.  

No more toxic apparatuses such as chain saws,  gas lawn mowers....the future is that all these things will have solar cells attached to them for charging. 

4.  Solar/Water/wind/thermal energies will be developed.  There will be no more new permits for nuclear, coal, gas, and oil.

5.  Man will quit going to the moon and mars.  How do you tell starving people in the world that oh 'we have to go to mars?'  The space program dumps tons of green houses gases into the environment each trip. 

 The satellite program is necessary but do we really need to be roving around on mars...for what?  Billions of people around the globe do not have access to clean water, oh gee maybe they could get some from the 'lake of tranquility' that they found on the moon.   Let's put these financial resources to better use and quit polluting the air that we all share. 

6.  All municipalities will have waste treatment and recycling programs in place.  The standardization and reuse of glass jars should be encouraged.

7.  There will be a minimum of ten trees per acre of land including all types of zonings. This will help to curb global warming and absorb toxins.

8.  Thou will encourage community reforestation where ever possible.  ‘Let grow’ policies will replace stupid outdated municipal beautification bylaws.  If you want a forest or trees – simply let your grass grow.

If you let your grass grow in a specific area, weeds will pop up, pull out the weeds in the spring, this will leave a hole, the birds and squirrels may plant nuts, seeds, apples...and this is how community reforestation happens.   Pierce the soil.  And be patient, it takes about twenty years to grow a forest.   

Thou will place dead fallen leaves at the base of trees and shrubs as compost as they will hold moisture to feed the trees during drought.   Leaves are the things that good soil is made from.  Soil depletion occurs in urban areas because we ship all the natural stuff off to the dump.  It is the reason the MNR has a ‘let lay’ policy in our parks.

    Industrialized countries could easily make 'soil' and 'gardens' for drought stricken areas.

    We send tons of organic matter to the dump every day.
    All they need are four logs, organic and garden scraps and  good soil. Mix it up, let it sit and in two or        three years, depending on the weather, you have soil that can be used to grow stuff in.

    Or stack two or three old tires up and fill them up with soil.

    Instead of sending this stuff to the dump, we should be helping our drought stricken countries with community composting projects.

    They can use big transport trucks to haul around super heavy military gear, them same planes could be used for garden projects instead.   This tire idea would be great for refugee camps tomato plants.


   Weed whackers, lawn mowers and municipal beautification by-laws are a major cause of global warming. 

    A lot of acreage on planet earth is unnecessarily mowed to a crisp and could easily be carbon sink holes.  

   Long, green, healthy grass has 100 times the carbon absorption as that of short fried stuff.


This is the long grass that municipal by-law forced me to mow.  
This long green luscious grass, had mega carbon and heat absorbing qualities.


Below is what the grass looked like after it was mowed. 
It now has zero carbon and heat absorbing qualities.
Is this acceptable in a decade of global warming?
Long, dried, dead, and seedy grass should be removed for a lot of reasons but
being forced to destroy a major carbon credit under the name of 'municipal beautification.'  Sheesh.  


The above picture was taken in a Vancouver Park.  The swamp grass to the left is being used as decorator grass.  This is the same grass that my municipality forces me to mow and grows wild on my property.   

And now because of Fukishima nuclear disaster, when it is raining out, it is safer to walk under trees than to be out in the open.  It is so frustrating that I have no trees on my property because my own municipal government destroyed them all.  

"There must always be a wilderness."  
Quote from the book 'Recreation and Leisure programming: A guide for the Professional.' 

World's first verticle forest in Milan. 

This picture is Urban Planning in earlier decades, Bridge St. W. is over 100 years old. 

This is Urban Planning in the 2000's.  Notice the difference? 

Even our ancestors knew the importance behind leaving green spaces and trees in 
the development of our cities and towns but we're some how loosing that logic.  

Trees  by Joyce Kilmer. 1886–1918

I think that I shall never see,
A poem as lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the earth's sweet loving breast.

A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray.

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair.

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can create a tree.

8.  Residents will refrain from using phosphates, toxic household cleaners, toxic yard pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

9.  Thou will not store toxic wastes for future generations to deal with.

10.  Thou will give the conservation authorities what ever power they need to keep our waters clean. 

11.  Thou will have a recycling center for small appliances, electronics and bed mattresses, bed frames and furniture.    These will be free for pick up by interested parties, when recycling center is full, no more donations until it’s cleared away.   Thou will have to destroy a parcel of land to build this building. lol   Sending our electronics overseas for them to burn as hazardous waste, is not an option.

12.  Building sustainable communities includes sustaining the wildlife.
       Many North American Communities are including in their Sustainable Communities Plan, laws that force the developer to leave  'x' amount of green space per 'x' amount of development for the use of park land.

13.  Municipality shall adopt 'non reversal' laws meaning that once a Council or Conservation Area establishes a designated park land or green space, another future council may not over turn the decision and sell off the land.  

        If the cost of park maintenance is an issue, the land will be turned into  'wilderness-let-grow' areas, then maintenance will not be an issue, it can be gated and patrolled by the local police.

14.  Tree lined streets.  Municipalities need to consider the fact that many people do not drive or have air conditioning in their vehicles and in this decade of global warming, and thanks to over mowing, weed whacking,  too much cement and pavement, our streets are extremely hot. 

Some municipalities will actually plant trees on people's property, beside the side walk, so that the residents  may enjoy tree lined, shady trees.  Some cities have been doing this for over a hundred years.  These trees are maintained by the municipality.

Three cheers and many thanks to these wonderful municipalities who increase their local carbon credits and consequently improve the quality of life for their residents.

Here's an example of a tree lined street in Belleville, Ontario. 
The municipality plants and maintains trees on city streets so residents may enjoy shady streets.
Belleville has been doing this for over 100 years.  


This organization has a great check list for the creation of sustainable communities:


Website and organization designed to create healthy communities.   


The problems with trying to create sustainable communities:

In North America the front line municipal leaders get to make all of the decisions regarding how communities are developed.  Most of these people are uneducated and unformed as to how to create sustainable communities, refuse to listen to the professionals who know how, and yet they get to make all of the decisions.   There are no guidelines or rules from upper levels of government for the creation of sustainable communities so front line politicians just do what ever they want.   This has resulted in a hap hazard method of over development in most of our towns and cities.


May 3, 2012, 

My babbling:

I spent the other day researching Fukushima nuclear plant.

Afterwards, I went outside and the sky was blue, we had a nice north wind, the air was crisp, and a little monarch butterfly landed on some purple African violets.

It was one of the most beautiful, refreshing moments of my life.

The African violets grew there because I had let the grass grow and removed the weeds.

The shady tree that I stood under had grown because I let an old flower garden grow back to natural state. 

We’re in a decade of extreme pollution and global warming and people are mowing and weed whacking their lawns to a crisp at a time when we need as much foliage as we can get.

A lot of this is thanks to stupid municipal beautification bylaws and lack of leadership from upper levels of government.

I hope some day there will be mandatory guidelines for communities for the development of sustainable communities with priorities not on ‘looking pretty’ but on increasing our carbon credit as much as possible.      



   One of the biggest challenges facing Municipal Recreational Leaders in this century is that of park land acquisition as more and more of our farms and green spaces are turned into urban areas.   It is the urban areas that need park land.  

   This challenge requires cooperation from all levels of government.  

   Park lands greatly improve the quality of life of it's residents by offering opportunities for physical fitness. They are also designated 'green spaces' which are also badly needed in this decade for carbon credits. 

   There are a variety of ways for municipalities to obtain park land that include:  plea to land owners to donate their land or municipalities can purchase lands that are available and not available (if they want someone's land that has unique land mark appeal, they will give the families 100 years on their property.

 Meaning that if the land stays in the family for 100 years, that's okay, if not, then the municipality has the right to purchase it at fair market value. After 100 years in the family, they are forced to sell).  This program has been successful and non successful.  Toronto Island for example: the houses are still there.           
   Every good long range municipal plan should include adequate green space for humans and wildlife.

   All too often one Administration will establish park land, only to have another Administration come along and sell it off.   And for this reason, all designated park lands should have 'non-reversal' clauses attached to them.

   Organizations like Duck's Unlimited, The Nature Conservatory of Canada and Conservation Authorities are now turning down donated lands and selling off some of their park lands because they can't afford the taxes. Another example of 'going backwards' instead of 'forward' when it comes to environmental protection. It is my personal opinion that these non profit organizations should not be paying taxes because they play an important role in the conservation and protection of the resources that we need for survival: carbon credits and water purification

Non-Reversal Clauses for Protected Areas and Park Lands

All protected areas and park lands should include 'non reversal' clauses.

This is to prevent future governments or councils from coming along and undoing everyone's hard work.

This happens far too often, that one government or council will set up a good thing and then another Government or Council will just sell off or remove a 'protected' clause from the docket that a previous government or council had established.  

If we want to move 'forward' and protect the natural environment, then we can't take steps that take us backwards instead.

Ways the Ontario is going back wards when it comes to protecting the environment:

Conservation Authorities are probably the most important program in any community. They are the people who filter out our drinking water, provide carbon credits, park lands/green spaces, and dam control.  

The last three decade have all seen cuts to the Natural Resources budget and at the same time all government salaries have dramatically increased.  

I think the Conservation Authorities shouldn't even be paying taxes because they're being forced to sell off and turn down donated lands.  Ducks Unlimited and the Conservatory of Canada should be exempt as well.   

Let's move forward and quit going backwards when it comes to environmental protection.  

Protection of School Board Properties 

I think school board properties should be designated as community green spaces with non-reversal clauses attached.

They were purchased with taxpayers money therefore they belong to the taxpayer.

This would ensure the protection of these valuable green spaces that enhance and enrich the residents and students in the communities and neighborhoods that they service.

They are valuable green spaces and far too often, these lands are sold off to the highest bidder at a time when taxes are high, government salaries are high and the private sector is almost dead.

Recreation is a known deterant to delinquent behavior and an effective vehicle towards 'behavior modification'. Most therapeutic recreation programs will include the use of parks.  From toddler, to depressed Senior to rebellious teens, to special need's child, the therapeutic value of green spaces
cannot be stressed enough.

The entire discipline of 'therapeutic recreation' in Canada and the US is so under-valued. From mental
hospitals, to prisons, to senior homes, to war vets, this extremely valuable service is often under funded and
under valued.   


Eco tourism is a buzz word that popped up in the 1980's. 

Be careful with the term as it simply means tourists enjoying the outdoors.   But if they have to destroy an ecosystem to do it, then it is not really worth it.  Developers will often use the eco-tourism term to justify destroying an ecosystem for their development.  

Wetlands and sensitive lands are part of the great circle of life.  


9.  Carbon Credit Philosophy

'Community reforestation' is a buzzword of the 21st century and a pillar in the creation of sustainable communities as more and more municipalities adapt 'let grow' policies in favor of what are often ridiculous municipal 'beautification' bylaws. 

The philosophy of carbon credits means every millimeter of grass, every leaf, every wildflower (or what some prefer to call weeds), etc. is a carbon credit. 

Basically it means that the more greenery, the higher the credits, the more the absorption of pollution. And that all works to cool earth and keep our air clean.

All cities and towns need to increase their carbon credits.  

10.  The Carbon Credit Program was designed by polluting countries to help meet targets set in the Kyoto Protocol.  

It's basically a system where large polluters can purchase 'greenery' instead of cutting emissions. One carbon credit is equal to one ton of carbon dioxide. Critics see it as just another excuse not to cut emissions.

In some cases, the carbon credit program is inhumane as rich countries can purchase swaths of forest in poor countries such as Peru, the forest police then force the peasants off the land which they need for food and fuel. 

Many companies are offering to purchase credits on Indian reserves. Some First Nation people see it as a cash cow. Do they realize what they're doing? They're basically selling off their land to a high polluting factory.

Every individual and municipality can create philosophical carbon credits by simply not mowing their lawn to a crisp clean cut, allowing natural growth in neighborhoods and parks where 'visibility' isn't an issue, creating green rooftops and encouraging as much 'greenery as possible.'

Now if I could only get my own Government to cooperate:

pictures of a vacant WETLAND lot that my municipality REFUSES to allow me to let grow back to 'natural growth'.  

When I wrote to my town hall regarding this matter, the response I received was "They're laughing at you."  

Environmentalists are always laughed at and that's why we're in the advanced stages of global warming, the point of no return.  

Beware, if you clear your woods for a residence in North America, thanks to stupid municipal beautification bylaws, you may not be able to allow it to grow back to it's natural state.  

Everyone I know who has tried to do this has been hassled by the by-law office in numerous communities across Canada and the US.  

It's a sad day when a Canadian is not allowed to grow a forest on 'wetland.'  


Grass in shade all day:

Grass in sun all day:   People working together to cool and clean the earth.  

Community Carbon Credit Program

   The Community Carbon Credit Program takes all combined community credits to establish what level a community is at regarding their ability to absorb global carbon and heat. 

   The Community Carbon Credit Program has nothing to do with the Carbon Credit Program established by the Kyoto Accord which allows for polluting countries to purchase carbon credits from poor countries as opposed to cutting emissions. 

   The Community Carbon Credit Program is designed to increase Carbon Credits in a community thus increasing the ability of that community to absorb carbon and heat. 

   On a scale of 1 to 15:

   -over mowed, dried up, fried up grass is a carbon credit of 0 

   -Low bushes are 10.

   -Six foot, green, healthy grass is 12. 

   -Ever greens are a 15. 

   What is your community carbon credit?  How can you increase your community carbon credits today?  



11. Government Negligence    

Because we NOW have the TECHNOLOGY to build a safer and cleaner world for all, Governments who allow new permits for the extraction of fossil fuels, the development of nuclear energy plants and other polluting programs are basically negligent in that they are failing to protect our health, our land, our seas and our skies, the main essential elements to support all life.

  Therefore, a lot of what is going on is actually now an issue for the courts.  The Sierra Club predicts that it will be in court for a lot of this decade. 

   This is the energy revolution, YOU ARE A MAJOR PLAYER and together we can do this!


   12.  The Ontario Government allows antique cars on the roads.  

By doing so, they are NEGLIGENT in protecting the health of all Canadians and are consequently poisoning their people. 
   Of all of the emissions on the road, the emissions from antique cars ARE the MOST TOXIC.

   These emissions cause heart, lung, neurological, immune system problems, and other problems in people.

   Forty-seven cents of every tax dollar in Ontario is spent on our expensive health care system.

   So it is perfectly legal to poison people with these cars, then the health care system gets to pick up the tab. Unless you are able to afford vitamin therapy which will protect you from the affects of these toxic fumes.

   Although everyone is subject to these fumes, young children, who are at emission level, are especially at risk.  DEAR ONTARIO GOVERNMENT: Quit poisoning our children and seniors!!

   By the way, my car PASSED a drive test exam with a hole in the gas tank! That tells you what a farce this program is.

   Perfectly fine vehicles have to pay to have their cars tested while older vehicles, that are ten times more toxic, get off scott free.  This is a stupid system and nothing but a money grab for the government.

   Submit your comments to:


I think that if perfectly fine vehicles are subject to emission testing then motorcycles, ATV's, skidos, boats, jet skis, lawn mowers and snow removal equipment should also be subject to e-testing because approximately 95% of these devices have toxic emissions.

Solar cells can be used on ANYTHING now so let's make the switch.



New clean water act for the Americans:

Water for fuel for cars and homes:

Zero energy homes:

Surplus electricity from wind turbine

Watch free 'Green Documentaries' on line.

Watershed Stewart


14.  Climate Change in Canada:

Canadians are waiting for the Government to go from brown to green technologies.

 The Government is waiting for Canadians to make the transition from brown to green and it's like the volleyball that's stuck on top of the net.  


15.  Steps to Program Planning:   

(adapted from the course Recreational Program Planning, SSFC Recreation Leadership Diploma Program.                                                                                                                                   

1.  Mission statement.

2.  Set goals, objectives and guidelines.    

3.  Program planning

4.  Program implementation        (green technologies....this is the step we are now at)

5.   Feedback, monitor, control

6.   Plan next program.  


16.  Great Blunders:

1.  US General Motors invents an electric car, it works great so they crush them all.

2.  One US President installs a solar cell on the White House, it works great so another President removes 

3.   A US congressman, who wins the Nobel Peace Prize for a video on climate change, does not have a 
       solar cell at his residence because they are illegal in his neighborhood. 

Do you know a good blunder?  Tell Liz.  



17. Wind Energy:   New technology, wind turbines that spin like swimming fish.

        New, bladeless wind energy.


Winflo demonstration platforms should appear in French waters no later than 2014. The company states that potential demand for floating wind farms is 3x greater than that for offshore wind farms mounted on the seafloor, due in part to simpler installation and faster commissioning.

Solar energy is a far superior energy source for areas near people...

... but the fossil fuel lobbyists have spent billions of your tax dollars, in subsidies on propaganda rhetoric to convince people that solar does not work when in fact nothing can be further from the truth.  

Tons of countries around the globe are in fact proving that solar does work and works really well.  

Municipalities should not be forcing wind turbines on people, they are a known source of noise pollution and noise is a source of stress.  

The movement now with wind is to put them off shore, away from people and they're better on floating pontoons as they don't destroy the bedrock.  

Solar is now predicted to be, by a lot of engineers, as being the leading source of green energy into the twenty-first century. 

  (show about the affects of wind energy on people's health)


Dragon fly design:


18.  Storage of Green Energy: 

       Hydrogen Tanks

       This guy has invented a way to store solar energy in hydrogen tanks. 


       This Florida Park has a green energy project storing solar in hydrogen tanks.






The world's largest lithium-ion battery farm -- 32 MW worth of storage, courtesy of A123 Systems. The AES power company just announced yesterday that the wind/storage power system is up and running in full commercial operation. All told, it will feed 260,000 MWh a year into the power market along the Eastern seaboard. (For details, check out the full story at Forbes.)

Apparently, nickle iron batteries are better than lithium-ion.

And now lithium-sulfur batteries

Join the conversation at:


19.   World Population

Every day 200,000 people are born on earth.  Is that sustainable?  That's one million every five days.


20. The Future Role of the Municipal Planner in the Creation of Sustainable Communities

   If we want to create sustainable communities, we have to educate the politicians as to how to do it. 

   We know how to build sustainable communities, but we don’t do it. 

  One time I spoke with a city planner from NY who spoke on this topic at a seminar and this is what he said about it:

Q: What is the environmental attitude of a city planner in this decade?

A:  "City planners are caught between politicians and environmentalists.  I think all projects have some environmental consequences and the state and federal laws mandate that we consider those potential impacts, unfortunately, there are too many loop holes and not enough guts on the politician part.

   Citizens confuse planning with politics and it’s the politics that ruin good planning. And of course, that is the rule.

   We are advisers,  they are the decision makers, and are interested in getting re-elected and not what the future long term impacts of a project will be." 

Q:   Does it ever work? 

A:    "The only time it works is when you have a strong city-manager form of government where politicians are more or less figure heads and not decision makers and the city manager is a professional and not beholden to politics.

   There are a few examples of this around the globe." 

 Myself, I believe we need a new Ministry of Sustainable Living that is dedicated to the development of sustainable communities and responsible for the implementation of a new Federal Sustainable Communities Act.

   An act that will give city planners and conservation authorities ultimate power to go forward into this new millennium by building more sustainable towns and cities.

   Some of the answers are simple, like mandatory green space buffer zones between all developments. 

   The protection of all wet lands.  

   We tend to build transportation, residential, commercial and industrial, side by side with out taking into considering the ‘carbon credits’ needed to absorb all the CO2.   Grass, shrubs and trees to be specific. 

   Cities and towns will rethink the way they’re set up and the way they develop into the future.

Ideas to go into the new Act:   

   No new ‘brown energy’ permits will be issued. Only ‘green energy’ permits from here on in. 

   Recycling programs in place. 

Composting projects in place.

Replace plastic recyclable containers with ‘refill’ standardized bottles and have a glass depot to return cases of them. 

This is just a start but one has to start some place. Aye. 

21. Global Sustainability 

Watch this movie, it'll change your entire perspective on every thing, guaranteed. 

This is by far the best documentary yet regarding global sustainability.  It includes: the gap between rich and poor, global farming practices, the brown energy economy, global warming and the effect that it's having on
our planet and our dying seas that produce the food we need for survival, world population explosion, how Easter Island and Haiti developed beyond their 'sustainable capacities,' and it addresses the challenges associated with global water and food issues.   

Every politician on the planet should watch this movie.  


Increasing Global Agriculture 

One of the biggest issues facing earth right now is that of agriculture and how we can increase food production to feed the million more mouths that are born every five days on earth.

There are so many simple and inexpensive advances in agriculture that would be so useful every where such as holy hose technology that targets the root of the plant and little solar run water pumps. 

These things combined with compost soil programs, and it would be a good start. 

Good soil is made from compost of organic materials that tons of developed countries throw into land fills every day of the year.  

We need to quit fighting and focus on that.

We also need to figure out how we can get earth off of the brown energy economy and onto an economy that is more sustainable for our current climate reality and quickly changing and populated world. 


22. Water For Fuel


23. Garbage Island and Plastic in our Oceans

This documentary examines how all the plastic in our waters is changing the chemical composition of the sea food chain and consequently the chemical composition in humans.



 24.  Sustainable Forestry Practices in the new Millennium 

Forestry accounts for one quarter of Canada's exports.  

In this decade of global warming, the young seedlings need the protection of the shade from the older trees for survival. 

Any seedling out in the bright sun these days, risks getting fried before it is strong enough to stand on its own. 

Leaving a variety mature trees in a logged out area, ensures that a variety of seedlings will grow back.  

Clear cutting is now more dangerous than ever and we absolutely need sound forestry management practices.  


25.  Ground Water and Drinking Water Source Protection 

A grass roots project to protect drinking water source.




(it's a slam dunk!) 

The legal battle for a more sustainable and safer world heats up.

It's time we created a more sustainable and safer world based on a 'green energy economy'.

It's time to make ecocide a global crime then all countries will be forced to switch to the new technologies that were developed with everyone's tax dollars.

The people paid for the development of green technologies and now, we the people, want them implemented.

The year is 2010 and not 1970.

Wear your 1970's bell bottom pants in protest because certain countries are still living in the 1970's before we knew how to clean up earth. Now we know how, so let's just do it.

We, the people, demand the following:

1) No more gas cars come off the assembly lines.

2) No more new permits for the extraction of coil, coal, gas and pipelines that carry know carcinogenic that poison our sea food and native people.

3.  No more nukes developed for any reason including electrical generation.

4.  No more subsidies to big-bully oil or at least that they share the pie with re-newables.

The oil and nuclear industries are responsible for a big part of the destruction of our biosphere and we, the people, are demanding that it stop now. 

And we’re demanding global participation.

Join the movement and make Ecocide a global crime.

Fracking and tar sands are replacing drinking water with toxic chemicals, this is intentional murder and can carry life sentences.

The constitutional right to live in a healthy environment

We need everyone's help to make this work.  Do what you can to help promote the right to live in a healthy environment.


 27. Success Stories 

Belleville, Ontario is a prime example of a grass-roots (meaning starting at the Community level) initiative to clean up the watershed.

Since the great agricultural expansion that started in the 1770's, and fed by four major rivers, for three centuries, The Bay of Quinte has been a dumping grounds  for agricultural, sewage and industrial waste.

Canada's green plan of the 1980's promised funds for the Great Lakes cleanup initiative.

Belleville took advantage of this resource and formed the Bay of Quinte Remedial Alliance.  Money was found for the farmers to reroute their cattle away from the watershed and other initiatives were started.  Wetlands were rebuilt.  (see #28 for more about this story).

Germany sets solar record:

May 29, 2012, German's national source of energy now 50% solar.


Zero Energy Homes


World's first algae powered building:

BIQ House, a 15-unit net-zero apartment complex powered by an algae-filled bio-adaptive shell, is completed in Hamburg, Germany. 129 glass bioreactor panels provide the building with thermal insulation, shading from direct sunlight, noise reduction, and a ready-to-harvest source of biomass.


The UK is now enjoying 630 MW of offshore wind energy flowing into the national grid from the world's largest wind farm, the London Array. A possible second phase would bring capacity up to 870 MW.


Link for home green energy project:  (I'm thinking about checking this guy out)


28.  Bay of Quinte Watershed, the Great Lakes Clean up, and grass roots initiatives. 

    Back in the 1980's, the Bay of Quinte was recognized by National Geographic as one of ten toxic hot spots on the Great Lakes that needed to be cleaned up.

   For years, doctors in the Quinte area tried to figure out why people in the Bay of Quinte watershed had one of the highest cancer and heart disease rates in the country.

   For over one hundred years now, The Bay of Quinte has been a dumping ground for everything in the Moria River, Black River, Crowe River and Trent River watersheds.

   That means that any sewage, human and agricultural, toxic materials (including radioactive material, and arsenic from Deloro), fertilizers, phosphates...etc...that is released into these watersheds, eventually ends up in the Bay of Quinte.

   By 1998, approximately 52 kilograms of arsenic, each day was reaching the Moira River from Deloro. Today that number has been reduced by more than 80 percent with less than 10 kilograms per day flowing to the waterway.

   In 1985, there was a 'puke and die' flu bug going through the Moira River and Lake watershed that all the   Swimmers and campers complained about.  Later that year, they found high levels of arsenic in Moira Lake flowing from the Deloro toxic waste site.

If you look just to the NW of the HWY #7 sign in this map you will find Deloro.  

This is where the radioactive waste site is, see what is right to the right of it, a gigantic watershed basin.  They dumped radioactive material beside a major watershed.  Sheesh....hmmmm!!!


Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment systems will remove arsenic from your drinking water:

   This is what arsnic does to your body:  


Arsenic isn’t just for murder mysteries anymore. In fact, this toxin is lurking in your food and drinking water. If you eat enough of it, arsenic will kill you outright. In smaller amounts, arsenic can cause skin, bladder and lung cancer. Basically, bad news. Less well known: Arsenic messes with your hormones! Specifically, it can interfere with normal hormone functioning in the glucocorticoid system that regulates how our bodies process sugars and carbohydrates. What does that mean for you? Well, disrupting the glucocorticoid system has been linked to weight gain/loss, protein wasting, immunosuppression, insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes), osteoporosis, growth retardation and high blood pressure.
How to avoid it? Reduce your exposure by using a water filter that lowers arsenic levels.

   During the summer of 1986, a fellow camper and I spotted a very strange cloud over Moira Lake. The bottom side of this cloud looked like it was drooping with a black and green substance.  The timing for that to have floated around the globe from  nuclear chernobyl nuclear disaster was about right and I'm convinced that that is what that weird cloud was.

   In the 1980's, the Federal Government offered funds under 'The Great Lakes Cleanup Program'.  Belleville took advantage of this program, formed a grass roots program (community based) clean up initiative called the 'Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan.'

   Since then, the water quality in the Bay has improved some what from what it was when I was a kid in the 1970's.  Back then, the algae was so thick, it was like pea soup.

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan Website. 

   Belleville is also down wind from all the pollution floating up from the industrial belt of SW Ontario and the greater Detroit area south of the border.

   Hasting's County is a major carbon sink hole for a lot of this carbon before it reaches Kingston and beyond to Ottawa and Montreal.

   All these conditions probably account for the high levels of cancer and heart disease in the Bay of Quinte area.


  Reason as to why Belleville has one of the worst air quality rate in the country is this:  Down wind from a lot of industry in Toronto and as far as Gulf of Mexico PLUS the proximity to chem trails from the nearby air base.   

The Myers farm that the government just took over beside the base is a major carbon sink hole for the entire Quinte area and, if plowed over, will affect temperature and air quality in the entire area.



29.  Quinte Waste Solutions

       This company is probably one of the most, if not the, comprehensive recycling program in the world.


        30.  Examples of Ontario municipalities moving backwards when it comes to protecting the environment. 


Ontario school boards, Conservation Authorities, and Municipalities have been selling off green spaces so that they can afford all the high government salaries that we are now all supporting. 

In the last two decades, at eight major green spaces in Hasting's County have been sold off or they have turned down potential land donations because they can't afford the taxes.  

 The school board keeps selling off properties that were probably given to them for $1 by the tax payers and are often the only green space in the neighborhood.  

Organizations like Duck's Unlimited, Conservation Authorities, Conservatory of Canada, are all turning down and selling off donated lands because they can't afford the taxes. 

Taxes are high, because in the last three decades, Government salaries have increased dramatically. 

So we're basically loosing green spaces to help pay high salaries. 


31.  Prince Edward and Hasting's Counties Vision:

Note: new blog started August 24, 2014

It has long been known that tourism is a major industry for Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

In the 1980's, Prince Edward County decided they wanted to try and capitalize off of tourism and agriculture.

They also decided to to adapt 'green buffer zone' laws for all new residential development.

Picton was one of the first communities in Ontario to establish a 'sustainable community plan.'

Their vision has paid off.  Prince Edward Country is now a thriving tourism destination.

A lot of residents in Center and North Hastings County share this same vision for the future of their county.

It is hoped that all municipal leaders in the county share this same vision so that Hasting's County may thrive off of the tourism resource base for generations to come.

Park lands in Center and North Hastings could be a major industry for Center and North Hastings County for decades to come.  Park land acquisition in Hasting's County should be a priority for all municipal governments because it is the strength of our future and is what the tourists want the most of.

This author predicts that park land acquisition will be one of Prince Edward and Hastings's counties strongest assets into the twenty-first century.  Out door recreation is a major industry and we have the resource base to nurture this tourism potential.


The theatrical arts is a major industry.

Many small North American communities have capitalized from hosting the production of film or TV projects in their community. 

This industry brings in business, and usually without the carbon foot print compared to other industries. 

This industry looks for good, quiet accommodations for cast and crew and community members who are supportive and positive about their community hosting the arts.


Hasting's County Stewardship Council:


32.  Follow Sue's Environmental Page:

(Sue, you asked to be on my web site so here you go!)


33. Solar Energy    (also see #17, wind energy for more information)

California will soon be home to the world’s two largest solar towers The Palen Solar Electrical Generating System. The towers will produce 500 MW of solar electricity to power 200,000 homes

Join the solar conversation on facebook:



BIPV defined:

Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems are photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems that are specifically designed to blend in with the architecture of a building, combining the economic and sustainability benefits of distributed solar energy generation with the aesthetic appeal of a seamless integration into the overall building design.






New Water Splitting Technique Efficiently Produces Hydrogen Fuel





34.  Letter to the Editor:  Re: Green Energy in Ontario

(This is a letter that I submitted to our local paper)

Green Energy Generation

First let's talk about brown energies:

Coal is the dirtiest form of energy and is on the way out for most countries that care about climate change and smog.

Nuclear: When the nuclear lobbyists calculate how 'cheap' nuclear energy is they don't factor in the cost of storage and disposal of the spent rods which jacks the price of nuclear way above affordable when the entire math is done. Nuclear is the most dangerous form of energy as was seen what happened with the Japan earthquake and how for months, the entire Western Hemisphere was at risk of survival. And now there is a big radioactive spill from Japan in the Pacific Ocean that is headed for North America. Nuclear meltdowns are a realistic side affect of nuclear generation, therefore this is NOT a safe energy to consider.

Personally, it makes me very nervous that we are down wind from five Ontario nuclear plants and that they sit on Lake Ontario which is a drinking water source for millions.  

Natural gas: Although natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels to burn, North American governments are allowing a thing called 'fracking' to extract it out of the ground. Fracking involves placing toxic chemicals in the watershed in order to get at the gas. This can cause people's drinking water to catch fire and can contaminate millions of litres of clean water in the process. The ecocide legal movement is hoping to put an end to fracking in the very near future.

Alberta Tar Sands: This is the currently the most environmentally destructive project on the planet and is extremely carbon intensive. In order to refine it, they are removing one barrel of some of the cleanest water on earth from the Athabasca watershed and replacing it with three times its volume in toxic chemicals into tailings ponds which are held in sand pits and sand dykes right beside the Athabasca River which is the main watershed artery for the entire province of Alberta. These tailings ponds are leaking toxic chemicals in to the river at a rate of twenty-seven litres a minute. In the process, they are poisoning the First Nation's people downstream and contaminating a water source for millions of people. This project is also on the ecocide legal movement's hit list and is being called 'intentional murder' that could carry life sentences for the political arena.

So, as you can see, we desperately need alternative energy sources and soon.

Solar energy does work and it works well but unfortunately the fossil fuel lobbyists have spent billions of your tax dollars in the form of subsidies that the government gives them each year, on propaganda rhetoric to convince people that solar does not work when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

There are tons of testimonies out of Europe of people who have had solar for about twenty years now and have consistently had surplus solar to sell to the grid.

Ontario Hydro opted to buy solar for astronomical prices from the private sector, so they could freak everyone out and now everyone's energy rates have dramatically risen to pay for this outlandish program. Did they consult with the taxpayers before implementing this program? No they did not. Some moron at Ontario Hydro just decided that that was how they were going to go about it. Now we're all paying for this colossal mistake and will be for numerous years.

We don't need a big bureaucratic energy plan for green energy in Ontario but instead what we need is for the government to assist individuals and businesses to install solar at reasonable rates and opportunities and possibly assist individuals to be solar dependent.  

Australia now has one million homes with solar. California is trying to move towards 100% solar. Germany is getting almost half of its electricity from solar. Other European countries are aggressively investing in solar and wind.

Ontario tells municipalities that it is the responsibility of individual municipalities to develop their communities in a sustainable manner. Many municipalities lack knowledgeable politicians who do not know how to do this and the province does not provide them with any guidelines. And then the province turns around and dictates to municipalities where and when they're going to place giant industrial wind turbines. Talk about a contradiction. We live in a democracy, not a dictatorship. There is a time and place for every thing and I think forcing industrial wind turbines into people's back yards is not a very polite thing to do for lots of reasons. In a recent study, it was determined that the allotted set back from homes for them in Ontario was the lowest in the world. Once again, the Ontario government simply dictated to the tax payers what they were going to do with out their input. 

The technology for off shore wind turbines is developing rapidly with new ideas coming out every day and the latest being floating wind turbines. These things are out in the middle of lakes and oceans where they are not a big bother to humans unlike the ones Ontario is trying to stick in people's back yards.   

The big secret that the fossil fuel industry does not want you to know is that green energies can now be stored in hydrogen tanks and lithium-ion batteries.

Wind turbines are available in smaller versions that can fit on the corner of people's houses, like the size of a satellite dish.

If everyone had a solar cell and an electric car, we wouldn't be looking at a world that is in the accelerated stages of global warming with rising C02 levels, melting polar ice and a serious smog issue.

Don't look to the current federal government for too much assistance into the matter. Our prime minister was bred in the Alberta oil patch and has tunnel vision when it comes to energy. They have just given us a 1960's style omnibus budget both in design and implementation. It was designed through a serious of back room deals and implemented with the use of muzzles. It includes a secret deal to sell tar sands crap to China for thirty-one years and no one stopped them.

So to all you people out there who are so quick to knock down green energy generation, including pump storage, please take a good look at the alternatives and ask yourself if we are doing every thing in our power to leave the next generation a world that is a better place to live.


35,  Stephen Harper's enviro-terrorists:   

This is why Stephen Harper is in so much hot water with the environmentalists:   

Based on Webster’s Dictionary, Stephen Harper was actually correct when he labeled the environmentalists as ‘radicals’.

Here’s why.


a : very different from the usual or traditional : extreme

Reason: the environmentalists do not believe that our energy policies are in line with today’s current climate reality and they hold an extremely different view as to how things should be.  


b : favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions.

Reason: Yes, the environmentalists would like a change in all four of these conditions regarding energy policies.


c : associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme change.

Reason:  Yes, the environmentalists are gravely concerned about our political stance on climate change, their practices, and they would like extreme changes to our energy policies.


d : advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs <the radical right>

Reason:   If you want to call ‘switching to green energies’ as extreme measures, then yes, this is what the environmental movement is all about. 

So Stephen Harper is okay with that issue BUT...

When he labeled the environmentalist as ‘terrorists’ THAT is a completely different story.

According to Webster’s dictionary: the definition of terrorist is:


Systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.

It has been used throughout history by political organizations of both the left and the right, by nationalist and ethnic groups, and by revolutionaries. 

Reason:  Calling ‘freedom loving’ and ‘non violent,’ ‘demonstrators’ and ‘protestors’ as ‘use of violence’ simply proves that NA is moving towards a police state.

“Create a general climate of fear in a population’:  I would think that it is the Government who is creating a fear in the general population with their energy policies.

By turning a blind eye to the science on climate change, science that is now saying that the polar ice could be gone within four to ten years, is creating extreme fear among the dissidents.

So Stephen Harper needs to know that the environmentalists are NOT putting up with being labeled as ‘terrorists.’  


36.  Transportation:


37.  Today's Bricks Are Crap 


38.  Community use of Schools and Green Spaces:


39.  Municipality of Marmora and Lake is really Ignorant. 
       This municipality goes onto private 'wetland' property and completely destroys people's wetland plants, wild flowers, frogs, name a few. 
       And they do this with a really ignorant and aggressive attitude.  
       Private property is exactly that....wetland property is exactly that and both should be treated as such.  

     This town also hosts a toxic 'antique car' show every Thursday in the down town core.  The emissions from these cars are extremely noxious and dangerous. It is known that the emissions from these cars cause neurological, cardiac, lung and immune diseases.  But as long as THEY'RE happy, to heck with everyone else.  They could care less about the thousands of people whose air is contaminated, with these toxic emissions.  They're happy and that's all they care about.  This is a selfish attitude that they knowingly poison people with their toxic emissions for the recreational thrill of a select few.  I enjoy antique cars, I find them fascinated but not at the expense of human health.  The province and the ministry of the environment are completely negligent in allowing these cars on the road and not subject to e-tests and I hope someone sues their asses for lack of health because of it. 

   This town sold off three parcels of waterfront park land property at a time when all the surrounding municipalities are securing as much waterfront park land as possible because they know that outdoor recreation is the major industry that will take our county into the future.  

   There are also numerous vindictive and malicious 'gossipers' who work and live in this town, spread lies around about people, totally ruing people's reputations for no good reason.  This entire town could use a good 'attitude adjustment' program.  

Letter to editor May 10, 2012.  To enlarge, copy and paste onto a word or works processor. 


40.  Water Energy Generation 


41  Zero Energy Homes 


42.  Hydroelectric water power. 


43. Green Houses

Great idea, turn old school buses into green houses


 Liz is a member of the group:     'How Can we Stop Outrageous Government Spending'.  


July 21, 2012.

We've known about global warming for forty years now and yet the political arena refuses to budge and constantly subsidize the most destructive businesses on the planet: the fossil fuel industry, the people who have gotten us to this point in the first place.

We are now in the positive-loop effect of global warming which means we will not be able to stop it.

Global C02 levels have constantly risen every year, never once have they fallen.

Provincial and Municipal Governments have refused to offer guidelines to municipalities for the creation of sustainable communities.

Municipalities refuse to listen to the professionals who try to tell them how to create sustainable communities.

Enjoy what time we have left on this beautiful, precious planet that apathetic politicians have so ignorantly flushed down the toilet by their constant refusal to change.


44.  Wetland Protection:

All wetlands should be preserved.  This includes marshes, creeks and streams.  They are essential to the over all well being of any civilization.  75% or three quarters of Ontario's marshes have been FILLED in.

45.  Fossil Fuel Industry:

I don't know if you know this or not but the fossil fuel industry is all about control and destroy.  They keep bull shitting everyone that they are safe when in fact their track records prove otherwise.  They bribe environmental people to pass their stupid 'regulations' and they lie and cheat to do what ever the hell they want with total disregard to what it is doing to the overall health of the globe.  They have high paid police who do arrest people who try to speak out.  We are now a 'petro-police' controlled continent.

There have been so many oil spills, busted pipelines, train crashes, fracking is polluting water, is highly toxic and is flammable.

And they all just keep covering things up and lying.

The fossil fuel industry has been planting magazines in outdoor publications for decades now, at least since the 1980s, citing why green energy does not work when in fact nothing could be further from the truth and Europe has tons of testimonies to prove this.

46.   Electronics Recycling

 47.  School Board closures.  

This is a letter that was sent to Parliament regarding school board closures:

Dear Ontario Parliamentary Members:

I write this letter today in request that you consider a proposal to have that all educational properties declared 'community spaces' when they are no longer needed for educational purposes in order to prevent the disposal of these properties based on the following principles:

-More often then not, these properties are the only open green space/community space in that given neighbourhood.

-The taxpayers own these properties. Correct me if I am wrong but School Boards do not usually pay for these properties, they are given or leased for $1. to the school boards for educational purposes.  

The school boards do not pay taxes.  In fact, the taxpayer pays their salaries and what ever other expenses they have.

So technically these properties belong to the taxpayer and they're being sold off to pay all the salaries of the highest paid people in most communities.

Belleville lost five such properties over the years, properties that were the only designated green spaces in their particular communities.

Hasting's County School board is currently looking at replacing two schools in Marmora with one and disposing of the other property.

This property could be a badly needed open park land/green space for that particular neighbourhood community. 

Please don't tell me that it surrounded by tons of green space/woods because that is NOT designated park land, it is private property which will no doubt be developed some day.

More information about this topic can be found on my blog at number 8.

Thanks for your consideration into this matter, on behalf of all taxpayers and community members.

Ontario's Teacher's Pension fund currently has a short fall and so they are selling off school properties to help fund this. 


48.  Carbon Capture

Carbon Credit Recapture

When the construction of a new facility chops down trees, they should be forced to plant at least the equal amount of trees some where else in the community or area to offset the loss of carbon absorption caused by the loss of trees. 

One good example of this is the new addition to Trenton airbase.  It is hoped that for every tree and amount of grass or green space loss, that they will plant that else where in the Quinte area to offset the loss of carbon capture.  

49. Tree location machine

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed, don't kill it, relocate it.  Someone has invented a cool machine to do just that.  Send it to the tar sands.


50.  Rubber coating of pipes. 

I think they should rubber coat all water lines as it will prevent rust from salt on the roads.

51 Sale of Park Lands in Southern Ontario:

52.  Saving Wild Horses

Saving Wild Horses means saving the wilderness that they need for survival and that is just good for all of humanity.  

53. Zebra Muscles and Botulism

  I saw a documentary once that said that when zebra muscles decompose around corroding steel like sunken ships and steel on docks, that it causes botulism.

54.  Geo-Thermal Bad Idea 

Geo thermal is a really stupid idea because it sucks all the moisture out of the ground and can cause a drought as is now being seen in California.

55.  Hydro Dams

Hydro Dams are okay if you don't block the entire way across, causing flooding and loss of wetlands. As is being seen with Lake Winnipeg, one of the biggest clean water lakes on the face of the earth, there's a serious pollution problem in that lake now because wetlands are the kidneys of the earth and they can disappear with flooding.  

Personally I think hydro dams that can control the water levels is the smartest way to go but solar energy is a way better idea than any other energy source but eight hours of charging gives you three hours of power.

56. Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights.

Environmental Bill of Rights and You • Environmental. Bill of Rights and .... 
Ontario have the right to participate in government decisions about the 
environment ...